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Take advantage of our $250 Energy Savings Agreement.

You will receive biannual detailed inspections of your home air conditioning system. For an additional charge, we can also perform an “in place” light coil cleaning, which includes the following:

  • Inspection of Condenser: check pressures, coil, electrical, motor, blade, accumulator, compressor, filter dryer, service valves, valve stem, armaflex, and pad.
  • Inspection of Air Handler: check coil, blower wheel, drain, overflow, electrical, sealed areas, duct, returns, supplies, and thermostat.
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment: we will inspect your system to ensure that it is properly sized to suit your home. An inadequately sized system can cause problems and yield higher electric bills. During the indoor air quality assessment, we will check the unit size, supply and return sizes, filter system, filter size, copper sizing, UV lights, and for the presence of mold and odors.
  • Future Benefits: receive 25% off normal repair bills on each unit that you enlist in our agreement. When you sign up for our ESA, we will also provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all repairs performed by Ace (yearly renewal required). We include a “clean bill of health” for that air conditioning system after every maintenance check.
  • For Rental Property Owners: our bill of health can be added to your lease to hold the tenant responsible for future repair bills caused by improper maintenance. We can check the system after every tenant moves to ensure that it is in good condition for the next tenant.